Business Skills MidLevel

Transformational Strategies To Rev Up Your Business

Bank of Montreal Room August 4, 2016 3:45 pm - 5:05 pm

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This presentation will teach you:

  • 7 Fast track Business Principles
  • How to Effectively set your target and raise your profits
  • 10 Behaviours that Separate sales winners from the rest of the pack
  • The 6 stages of the buying decision process
  • 4 Reasons Buyers don’t Buy from You and what to do about it
  • AND What to say when people say to you “I can get it cheaper somewhere else”


Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Visionary and Change Leader

A degree in business and forty years in sales, marketing and business profitability is part the extensive background Christine Rae brings to each presentation. Her experience of successfully building a staging business before developing the only true certification and educational program for stagers only adds to the depth of knowledge she brings to your business when you follow her strategies for success.