Business Skills MidLevel Newbie Tenured Stagers

Staging Pays At All Price Points

CN Room August 4, 2016 11:00 am - 12:20 pm

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Participants will view 3 actual case studies of problematic properties and how objections were overcome, clients were persuaded to follow the stager’s recommendations, and the benefits to homeowners and realtors in time, work, and money saved.


1. How to use statistics and psychology to identify and overcome common objections to using staging services, at various price points.
2. Cost effective solutions to commonly found challenges in occupied properties.
3. The tangible and intangible benefits in time, work, and money that both homeowners and real estate agents can expect from staged properties.



Diane Hamel is a lifelong resident of British Columbia’s beautiful Fraser Valley. Her designations include Certified Staging Professional, Certified Color Consultant, CSP Training Instructor, and CSP Mentor. She is also the recipient of a RESA 2016 Top 10 Award (Occupied, Canada) and is a contributor to Staging Standard Magazine.

Her previous employment and volunteer experiences include two family decorating businesses, retail grocery, health care, advertising, elementary education, post-secondary education, fundraising, event planning, public relations, and even a stint as a farm worker.

Diane and her husband Tom are parents of four adult children and four adorable grandchildren.