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How to sell staging services so that you close the deal with a smile on your face and no sweat on your brow!

Bank of Montreal Room August 5, 2016 10:25 am - 11:45 am

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How to sell staging services so that you close the deal with a smile on your face and no sweat on your brow!



Sell Your Staging Without Being Salesie!



Let’s be honest, selling is not the thing we signed up for when we decided to be stagers! But the (very) sad truth is that if we can’t find someone to buy from us, then the business we LOVE is dead before it even starts!


I get it, been there, done that… and for way too long! And then I learned how to make a sale without being salesie, wahoo!! I realized that I didn’t have to feel sick to my stomach, and in fact, I could really embrace selling.


So, I’m going to share with you that formula, the SECRET to selling that has made me love the process every time because when I ‘sell’ and then someone buys, they’re saying “I love you” and I just LOVE that!



You’ll learn how to sell using my Three Easy Peasy Steps!

  1. Identify the customer who will buy your product.
  2. Create the message that sells your product to that customer.
  3. Close the deal in the right place, with the right customer, and at the right time (psst… you already to this!)



(Targeted to new and mid-level stager)

You will learn how to:

  1. Use my ‘Ideal Client’ formula to build your Ideal Client profile, the client who wants to buy your product for full-price! When you’re honest with yourself, and dig deep, you’ll discover that you don’t want to work with everyone. This formula will help you weed out the ‘customers’ that drag you down and who don’t add enough to your business to warrant spending all those marketing dollars on them!
  2. You’ll also learn to use your Ideal Client profile to craft the perfect marketing message, the message that will engage them – that speaks right to them, and them alone!
  3. Together with the your Ideal Client profile and the perfectly crafted message, you will have what you need to build a marketing plan that will
    1. Use your marketing budget and time best.
    2. Secure the sale of your staging services for its value, not just it’s cost!
    3. And sell on your terms so that your staging business is a thriving success, and all without stress!

BONUS! I will also share with you all the key tools that help me to sell without being SALESIE.



Catherine is a mom, entrepreneur, creative spirit, teacher, friend, sister, daughter and wife – and she calls Toronto home. She is always looking for the next great thing to do; the next thing to learn, to share, to achieve and to aspire to! And she does it all with determination and a fierceness that lets things only get in her way for a minute before she plows on through.

Her decision to be an entrepreneur is rooted in her passion for creativity and her desire to be hands-on in a business she loves! She is committed to inspiring new businesses to the success they deserve, and to share her experiences and knowledge! To those that have worked with Catherine they know her as an open-book – she is always keen to share her successes, and the hiccups, too! This has made her a favourite of her students and clients around the world.

Catherine is also a 2014 and 2015 HOUZZ Customer Service Award Winner, past RESA Chapter Vice-President, International Master Stager and Certified Staging Professional Trainer and Mentor. Catherine has recently expanded her passion for coaching stagers to include small business owners. She regularly speaks to groups about staging, including real estate agents and consumers. Catherine owns Ready to List Staging & Training, and is a Certified Color Consultant and Residential Renovation Project Manager.








Previously Recorded for RESACON Vegas, same session is being repeated at RESACON Canada because it was that darn great!