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Got Color? 3 Ways Hot Color Trends Affect Buyers and Sellers

Bank of Montreal Room August 5, 2016 8:40 am - 10:00 am

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You’ve staged and redesigned dozens of homes. You’ve recommended color for your clients until you’re blue in the face, but haven’t been paid for your advice. You’ve considered adding color consultations to your menu of services, but just don’t know if you want to go through the hassle of adding something new – and would anyone pay you for this service anyway?


Join top-selling Home Staging For Dummies co-author, Jan Saunders Maresh, as she shares the top three ways color affects potential buyers and why this is important for your clients to know before staging their properties. Love to re-design? Understand how to create spaces for your clients that flow effortlessly from one room to the next using the right color in the right places.



  • The three components for creating a color scheme that works based on the science of color and with your clients’ own furniture (even if’s “Ye Ole 80’s mauve and blue sofa”).
  • How the on-trend colors put in the right places guide buyers through a space, so they spend more time in the house, and are more apt to make an offer sooner. (Psssst…don’t miss a step or it will cost you!)
  • How to find potential clients that want help with color for their homes and will actually pay you well for it.

Skill Level: All (Newbie, Mid-Level, and Tenured Stager)

Even if you think you’re pretty good with color, this class shares the nuts and bolts of creating color schemes buyers and redesign clients can’t resist (and did I mention…will happily pay you for)?


Jan Saunders Maresh is the Author of 17 books. Her most recent titles are Home Staging for Dummies (co-authored with Christine Rae) and Sewing for Dummies, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Editions (Wiley Publishing).  As an avid Writer, Speaker, Certified Trainer for the CSP International Business Training Academy, Jan has done it all. From mastering all aspects of staging, color and re-design and teaching others industry’s best practices – to running a successful interior redesign and home staging business.

As a Home Shopping Network pitchman, Jan now combines her sense of humor with her award-winning marketing savvy to train motivated Staging and Real Estate Professionals how to add Color Consultations as another profitable revenue stream to their businesses.

But, she says, her most impressive career achievement has been mastering the challenge of creating and running a sustainable one-person service business. “When I figured out how to smooth out those financial ups and downs and then generated a sustainable income doing what I love, that’s when I knew I needed to share this system with other like-minded professionals. I’ve made all the mistakes…so they don’t have to.”

In late 2014, Saunders-Maresh launched Talk For Profit. To market her company and expertise she teaches several online classes and speaks at national and local industry events.

Jan lives with her husband – the love of her life – and helped raise an amazing son. She also loves animals. Her favorite things include her sewing machine, almost anything mid-century modern, chocolate Ganache, and everything her husband cooks. For more on Jan visit