My BackCheck

The RESA® Staging Excellence Alliance® (SEA®) is a better business bureau type program for the professional stager or re-designer accompanies with a background screening process.

RESA® SEA® Member Package Includes:

Business Profile. SEA Business Profile Report Example
Background Screening. Background Check Example Report-Canada
Online Customer Satisfaction Survey.
Use of the SEA Dedicated Member Logo.

By participating in the SEA® you will:

Offers an opportunity for your client to express their positive feedback and provide you with testimonials.
Show your clients that you take your business seriously.
Show your clients you have passed a background check.
Provide an opportunity for customers to express dissatisfaction. Thus giving you an opportunity to improve the quality of services you offer.

Program participants agree to:

Adhere to professional business practices.
Uphold, and follow, the RESA® Code of Ethics.
Make every effort to resolve disputes fairly and in a timely manner.
Use the program logo on websites and in their marketing program.
Use the program business profile and background screening report on their website.
To use the Staging Excellence Alliance® survey with their clients.

Business Profile Program:

Participants in the program will use the SEA Dedicated Member logo, business profile report and background screening report in their marketing campaigns, websites, directory listings, etc. to show the public they are part of this program.

Participants will receive a 1-page PDF “business profile”. Profile includes:

How long in business.
Membership status.
Date joined the program.

Online Customer Satisfaction Survey:

You will email a link to your customized online customer satisfaction survey to your clients. You may check the results of your survey at any time, by logging into your online portal. Instructions will be given to you when your SEA Dedicated Member package is emailed to you. You will be able to get honest feedback on your staging/redesign services. The feedback is imperative for you to improve your services when needed and continue to provide quality services. Note: The customer feedback is not included in your business profile. Background Screening Program: makes it easy for you to share with the world and your clients that you are crime free. Show them you are safe to work with and that you care enough about your clients to undergo the background screening process.

Doing a background screen with is a WIN-WIN solution that helps create safer environments wherever it is used. If given the choice, wouldn’t you want to work with someone who has a background check vs. someone who hasn’t? Wouldn’t you prefer hiring someone who has undergone a background check so that you, as a client, can be rest assured your valuables are safe, and you and your family are safe? Of course you would. So do your clients.


Show your clients you are who you say you are.
Give your clients peace of mind.
Show your clients you care about their concerns and needs because you got a background check.
Show your clients that you are not a convicted criminal. creates a WIN-WIN solution for RESA® members and their clients. Search:

Name based Canadian Criminal Record Check
Conviction data is from a national criminal record repository (CPIC)
Online ID verification makes the process easy and paperless
You will have the opportunity to ‘share’ the results of your check with any person/organization you choose

How to Join:
Click here for the link to the business profile application. Fill out the Company Profile Application.

Click here to go to My Back Check RESA Website Follow the prompts to do your background check and pay the $49.00 fee.

The background check will be emailed to you directly. When you receive this report email it to with SEA Program in the subject line. Susan will take this report and combine it with your SEA Business Profile report and logo and create the HTML code for you to use on your website. The SEA Member Package will also include the Online Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Processing may take up to 7-10 days.