Call For Speakers

Last Call For Speaker Submissions

RESA is looking for qualified Canadian experts to teach an 80-minute class on various topics. Based on feedback from our members, we’re seeking experts on the following topics:



These classes will be broken up into four categories:


Please include:

Your submission should be submitted in WORD. Please use proper grammar and punctuation in all of your submissions. If your topic is chosen, this information will be used to promote your class. Please name your WORD document with your first name, last name and presentation title. i.e. StacyStagerHowToBuildABusinessThatSells

In exchange for speaking, RESA members who are selected will receive a convention ticket and one-year of RESA membership as compensation.


Restrictions: Presentations that are “sales pitches” will be rejected. Presentations must give valuable information to attendees and not be oriented to sell any products or services.

Time Frame:

Each speaker has 80 minutes to conduct their class.
Deadline to Submit: June 30, 2017; submissions after this date will not be accepted.
Submit to:
Note: Speaker demos are required from everyone except for previous RESA convention speakers.