home staging KelownaAs consumers, we are driven to purchase when a product appeals to us on some emotional level. This is especially true in the purchase of a home and makes the old adage “home is where the heart is” particularly relevant in the process of selling a home.

So what can homeowners do to help get their homes ready to sell? A poll of potential buyers by Royal LePage Real Estate Services, found that sellers ought to do more than just look after required renovations before showing their home.

Home Staging is the art of decorating a home to sell quickly and for top dollar. It may be as easy as rearranging what you already have or as complex as bringing in new furniture, accessories and art. Most projects lie somewhere between these two extremes . Recent market studies have shown that “staged” sells 32% faster than non-staged homes and from 3% – 10% higher.

Staging a Home ~

  • is an affordable investment to protect your equity
  • increases your bottom-line profit
  • decreases time on the market
  • maximizes the home’s appeal to savvy home buyers
  • eases the stress of preparing your home for sale
  • appeals to the emotions of potential home buyers creating a sense of urgency
  • enhances the presentation of print and internet advertising
  • demonstrates a well cared-for home
  • creates a product that agents are confident to show

Staging goes beyond merely re-arranging furniture, hanging art and painting rooms. It is about  creating an experience that engages prospective home buyers in a very personal way.

Professional Home Stagers are highly skilled artists, who possess the skills of a top-level designer and expertly transform a property into an emotional and visual experience: an experience that the greatest number of potential buyers will fall in love with.

Cost Effective Property Presentation At Its Best!

written by Kym Tarr of Prep This House, Kelowna, BC