Getting Advice From a Certified Home Stager

Home buyers have a “must include” list when they are purchasing a new home. Sometimes it is a large kitchen, minimum 3 bedrooms or a large back yard that will fulfill their needs.

Many homeowners may live differently in their homes but when a property goes on the market, each room of the house should resemble the way it was intended to be used in the first place.

Typically, homeowners use bedrooms for many different functions such as offices, workout rooms or storage areas. When a property is listed with 3 or 4 bedrooms, then the buyers needs to see those bedrooms.

Many home buyers cannot visualize the intended uses for rooms when viewing properties, therefore it is the job of a certified, elite home stager to create the visual impact for the buyers to see. An experienced home stager will strive to bring the desired results of maximizing your return on investment.

Home staging before photo

Before Staging

In this photo, the homeowner found comfort in creating a family room with wing back chairs, side tables and a television mounted above a corner fireplace as a comfy zone to hang out close to the kitchen. When I walked into this property to prepare it for sale, my first suggestion was to return the space into its intended function as an eat-in kitchen.

After Home Staging

After Staging

Home Staging After Example

After Staging

In these photos, the same room was transformed with my recommendations. Showing this area with a large table and chairs gives buyers a sense of space and function and takes away the guessing game…..

4 points to remember that home staging strives to create:

  • create interest in the property
  • deliver client’s wish list
  • develop demand for the property
  • create desire to purchase

Certified professional home stagers should be a key component of your marketing strategy to get results!

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Susan Creme Martin
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