Reasons to join RESA

1. Gain Knowledge
Resa and it’s RESA Pro program offers continuing education opportunities.  This is an excellent way to update or gain new skills.

2.Network with fellow Home Stagers By joining
As a RESA Member you gain opportunities to network with others throughout the country. Through Online Networking Meetings and Local Chapter Meetings, learning from and with your peers is invaluable!

“I personally think that  networking is the most important benefit of being a member!” Kym Tarr, Prep This House Home Staging & Design

 3.Professional encouragement and reinforcement
RESA has multiple award and recognition opportunities.  Great way to be  recognized for excellence in Home Staging

4.Leadership opportunities
RESA provides you opportunities to be a leader in your field.  There are chapter roles at the local and provincial levels.

5. Have a Voice!
RESA is your oportunity as an individual stager, to participate and have a voice to make changes and advocate for the staging industry.